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Origami Origin

Having been invented in China at the very beginning of the second century AD, paper entered Japan four centuries later, brought to the country by monks. Handmade and rare, paper was a luxurious commodity, available only to the richest. Therefore, origami was intended to be used during religious ceremonies only at first.

Origami Today

While traditional origami was passed down through generations orally, modern origami is generally recorded in books, often developed and reinvented by contemporary designers. A lot of origami models we find today are under somebody’s copyright, but this doesn’t go for the oldest forms, such as the aforementioned crane.

Origami stories

One of the most touching origami stories is the one of Sadako, a young girl from Hiroshima. The legend says anyone who creates one thousand paper cranes will have their biggest wish come true. Sadako Sasaki was a survivor of the atomic bombing at the age of two, and in 1955 she was suffering from leukemia.

Origami flowers ideas

Origami is also an excellent decoration, gift wrap or a gift itself. This article gives a selection of origami flowers and various solutions to fold them.

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