how long do flowers last

Why use stainless steel pruning shears?

Stainless steel pruning shears are beneficial because they are very resistant to corrosion. Unfortunately, they do not last for a long period of time. Carbon steel pruning blades are much more durable and will last for a long time, but they can become damaged from damp and are prone to both staining and corrosion.

What should my garden reflect?

Your garden should reflect your personality , but it should also be able to serve a purpose. If that purpose is to add color and aroma to your home, then flowering annuals are the right choice for you.

What is the freeze date?

You also need to be mindful of your location’s freeze date. The freeze date is the date of the average last freeze of your area.

What is an annual plant?

Annual plants, or more commonly referred to as annuals, are plants and flowers that go through all the stages of their life, from seed to bloom, and then die. Unlike a perennial, annuals must be replanted every year.

What should I consider when designing a garden?

When you begin designing your garden you need to consider several important factors. Garden size, as well as location, are key, but you should also think about what types of annuals you want to grow, the colors and if you are going to produce edible plants or just flowers.

Why are gas powered tools not good?

Another reason some people do not prefer gas-powered tools is that they can be difficult to care for and usually need to be drained during the winter to protect the tool.

How do taller plants kill smaller plants?

Taller plants can block sun and water from smaller plants and some of the ground level plants end up taking over a garden and killing taller plants by taking all the nutrients from the soil.

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