how long do flowers last

Tips on How to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer

Follow our guide to help keep cut flowers fresh for a longer period of time.

General Tips for Flower Care

There are actually a number of basic steps you can take in order to help preserve the life of a bouquet you receive. First off, it’s important that you cut the stems of your flowers at an angle upon receiving them. Just about an inch or so from the bottom, cut the end of the stem as this will help allow the water intake of your flowers.

Some Additional Ways to Help Keep Flowers Fresh Longer

On top of the standard flower care tips listed above, there are a number of solutions that we’ve found can help keep your flower arrangements in tip-top shape for a sustained period of time! While we are not guaranteeing that your flowers will remain healthy longer with these tricks, you are certainly free to try one of these three solutions and record your own results..

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